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Note: the sterility tools page it’s not for surgeons (they know every tool!).

It is created for all of the other people who never had experience of operating room.


Bacterium Resized

Microbes live in all parts of the biosphere. Also they are found in all living things:  There are more microbes on and inside your body than there are cells that make up your entire body.

The human body contains many natural defences against some of the common pathogens. However,  we need tools to reduce the risk from pathogens. One of these key tools is the maintenance of sterility of medical instruments and surgical areas.

The GoEasy system is single use kit, so its sterility is guarantee.

So, the tools for the maintenance of sterility of surgical area  are at the top of the list of critical factors in treatments with GOEasy kit.

First tool: how to put on sterile gloves

Second tool: how to set up our minimal procedure

Third tool: how to open  the kit onto a sterile back table

note: never touch the sterile components of the kit (filters, syringes, etc) without sterile gloves!


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the GoEasy system has to be done:
The Goeasy kit has to be opened: