Do I have interactions between lidocaine and agents that inhibit the hepatic enzymes cytochrome P450 1A2 (CYP1A2) and cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4)?

Dermatologists and cosmetologists do lipofilling with great success in many countries. Despite of that, the regulations and the laws of many nations restrict the harvesting of deep fat to surgeons. In fact, in these nations the area of working of dermatologist and cosmetologists are limited to epidermis and dermis.

The GoEasy.bio is a technique of harvesting of dermal tissue, minimally invasive and suitable for dermatologists and cosmetologists.

Position of the harvesting cannula into the dermal layer (4 mm deep)

Both the donor area, both the recipient area are the dermis. In the ultrasound image, the position of the cannula into the dermis tissue is demonstrated

The superficial harvesting guarantee a bigger quantity of stromal and vascular fraction


Why we should use a special cannula?

The patent Goisis cannula is designed a with a peculiar distribution of the small holes

The diameter is very small, in order to reduce the scar in the entry point

The rotational movement increases the fat harvesting. In particular, the  depressed edge of the holes increase the entrance of the fat into the cannula. Despite of that, the raised-barbed edge placed in front of the depressed edge increase dissection of fat tissue, with better aspiration of adipocytes.

The depressed edge placed along the spiral line;
Increase fat entrance

a raised edge placed in front of the raised edge increase dissection of fat tissue, with better aspiration of adipocytes.