6 AND 7 JUNE 2022 

connections to the center:

Bus 73 from San Babila (underground station MM1) to Centro Commerciale, 6 (Segrate) (direction San felice). The station is 8 min walking distance from Iapem

Link for timebles

How to reach gala dinner:

Monday 6 June
18.00   end of the course, changing, 8 minutes walking to Centro Commerciale, 6 (Segrate). the distance is 500 meters, taking the bus 73 direction San Babila, 5 minutes walking to via San Paolo 10 (200 meters)

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Gala dinner at La Società’ del Giardino

Offered for free to Ukranian doctors form our main sponsor Dexlevo

Please note that La Società’ del Giardino is an ancient Gentleman Club with a very stricto dress code:

  • For Men black tie suggested, suit and the mandatory
  • For Ladies long dress suggested

Tuesday 7 June
Directors of the course Helena Cherhava and Mario Goisis


10.00   Opening of the congress

10.30 – 13.30   Scientific presentations

13.30 – 14.00   Light lunch

14.00 -15.00   First session of practical demonstration: Helena Cherhava

15.00 – 16.00   Second session of practical demostration: Mario Goisis

16.00 – 17.00   First session of practical course: the participants are divided in small groups

17.00 – 18.00   Second session of practical course: the participants are divided in  small groups

Last places for the course of the 7h of June

7 June: congress and course in Milano (free for Ucrainian doctors)


The program of the course is the same in both days.Actually the 6th of June is fully booked, we still have places the 7 of June.



Lapem school of Aesthetic Medicine

Via Rivoltana, 35 – 20096 Pioltello (MI)

click the button for registration
(it is free for Ukranian doctors)


  We thank you all the companies which support this practical course and our project to help doctors from Ukraine  


The situation is Ukraine is so bad that many of our colleague dermatologist, cosmetologist and plastic surgeons had to leave the country.

That’s why we created this group of support

  • to help doctors in the procedures of registration, by doing letter of recommendation and connecting them with the competent authorities
  • to help doctors to buy medical product, in particular by involving companies in order to sell these product with a discount. To create stock of product free of charge for Ukrainin doctors outside their country
  • to provide courses free of charge or with a big discount

29-30 of April: Advanced dissection course in Cremona

1st of May: Milano, course on double chin correction by superficial fat removal (dermgraft) and injection of it like a filler in chin, lips and nose: free of charge for Ukranian doctors

30 April Pizza Party in Goisis House

1st of May aesthetic gyneacology course in collaboaration with ecams

2nd of May: Torino, course on body remodeling, fat extraction and injection on breast, buttock and calf: free of charge for Ukranian doctors

4th of May: Albina Kajaia and Mario Goisis, Dermgraft plus Aptos Threads

Free products

New Goeasy kit for body remodelling: 1 kit1 free of charge for Ukranian doctors paretcipating at our course

Work option and rules

-our nice colleague from South of France asks for curricula of Ukranian doctors expert in aesthetic: she’s looking for 2 doctors-

free registration for Ukranian Medical Doctors, dentists and nurse in Italy till March 2023

-no need of language test

-no need of many documents

upload your Resume/Curriculum here

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